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What is teletherapy?


Teletherapy is a talk therapy session that occurs through phone or video call, rather than in-person. Through teletherapy, you meet with a licensed, qualified therapist via a secure online platform from the convenience of your home or other private location.

Does teletherapy even work?

Studies show that teletherapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy sessions for a wide range of mental health challenges. For example, a 2018 study published in the Journal of Psychological Disorders found that online cognitive behavioral therapy was equally as effective as face-to-face treatment for major depression, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Will my health insurance cover teletherapy sessions?

For most health insurance companies, telehealth sessions will be covered similarly to an in-person session. There has been an increase for telehealth coverage to help during this uncertain time specific to COVID-19. Contact your health insurance for details.

How To Prepare

Equipment Needed

1. Fully charged laptop, desktop, or tablet with webcam and audio connection.

2. Earphones or headphones may help to prevent sound echoing and to allow you to fully focus on the conversation.

3. High Speed Internet is recommended for highest quality and to prevent connection issues. 

4. Your phone as back up in case of any technical difficulties. 


1. Good lighting next to a window, is possible. Moving a desk or floor lamp in front of you can help, as can removing any lighting behind you.

2. Find a quiet space in your home, ideally in a private room, or even closet or bathroom, where you can focus on the conversation. If there is no such place inside your home, consider sitting in your car or requesting a phone call so you can take a walk and talk. 

3. If possible, let housemates or family members know that you are having a private conversation or therapy session so you don't have to be worried about being disturbed in the middle of your session.  


Decompressing After the Session

Since the commute to therapy is removed for online sessions, it can be easy to jump right back into your home life around you -- and harder to really process and register what you just covered in session.

Consider starting a therapy journal and spending as much time as you need or are able to after the session to reflect on what you learned, and to prepare for your next session. This can also help you make the most of your time in session and make your therapy journey overall more enjoyable. 

Online therapy can be an empowering and accessible way to take care of your mental health, especially during times when it's not feasible to make a trip to the office for an in-person session. And just like in-person therapy, if you are committed to making the most of your therapy time, it can be a rewarding experience with long-term benefits.

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